Iguazu Falls

There are 250 waterfalls.

Iguazu waterfalls is a must-see once you’re in Argentina indeed. An easy 2 hours flight from Buenos Aires’ local airport, located almost downtown, makes it a quick but impressive 1 day/1 night adventure. There are numerous options of hotels at Iguazu, but there’s only 1 hotel located in absolute proximity to the waterfalls on the territory of the National Park and that is Sheraton. Yes, very expensive.

Iguazu falls can be viewed both from Argentinian and Brazilian side. However recent floods had washed away the main visitors’ bridge to “Devil’s Throat” the most panoramic set of waterfalls. Hence, the best view for now is from Brazil. Where, also, you can take a helicopter ride for $150/10 mins should you crave an “awe”.

Main advice: take an early flight, spend a night and fly back the next morning.

The remains of the washed-away bridge.
A boat to take for the waterfalls ride. Spoiler – you do get soaking wet.
Water smoke.