How to make Alfajores cookies


Alfajores are new macaroons.

At least for me for sure, and for you will be soon, as soon as you try cooking them, which is very easy and fast. It tastes heavenly tender, melts in your mouth and definitely makes everybody love it and you.

I’ve taken a master class on alfajores from Viki, an argentinian girl, who is now living in and traveling around Mexico, also selling these home-made cookies.

You got to promise me to try making it, OK?!

So let’s do it!

What do we need to buy?


1. Butter — 200 gr., take the best one
2. Flour — 200 gr.
3. White sugar — 150 gr.
4. Corn meal (the one which is very thin and white) — 300 gr.
5. Baking soda and baking powder — on the tip of the knife
6. Egg yolks — 3 pcs.
7. Vanilla essence — 1 ounce
8. Dark rum — 1 ounce
9. Lime skin — from a half of it
10. Dulce de leche (a boiled sugar milk) — 1 can
11. Coconut flakes — 200 gr

So we start with a dough.

The main foodhack: first we mix all «wet» ingredients, then add all «dry» ingredients.


Soft butter cut in small pieces

Step 2.

Add sugar to the butter. Mix it with a fork.

Step 3.

To the butter-sugar mass add yolk, one by one
You will get this kind of mixture
Sprinkle with vanilla essence
And a bit of dark rum.
Like this.

Step 5.

Shred some lime skin

Now start adding «dry» ingredients

Step 6.

Time for the flour
Sift it. It’s important.

Step 7.

Now corn meal.
Sift it too.

Step 8.

Adding baking soda and baking powder. Mixing it.

Step 9.

Here how the dough should look
And we roll it out.
Until it’s this thick.

Step 10.

Carve rounds. Not too big, because the ready cookie is very tender and might break.

Step 11.

Powder the pan with the flour. To the 180C heated oven. For 10 minutes. Not more, otherwise they will get too hard.
This is how the baked cookies will look like.

A #foodhack: if the cookies stick to the pan, try bumping the pan against a table from the side, it will shake them off.

Step 12.

Now take the sweet milk caramel.
And gently cover one side of the cookie with the paste
Covering it with another one as a top
Coat the sides.
And dip into coconut shreds


Voila! Alfajores!
Want a bite? 😉
Those of cookies which cracked… still can use them, they are delicious anyway.