About 30UP


This project is a personal one and is for everyone who is looking for an inspiration to leading a meaningful life or changing it, especially if you have already turned 30. During the 300 days I was traveling around the Globe, basically CouchSurfing, visiting 30 countries, meeting 30+ people who are cool in the way they are - curious and never stop exploring, kind and tolerant, lead purposeful and generously share it with others, somebody who you could connect to, be touched and inspired.

All photos are mine

Who are those "inspiring" people?

X-gene. Inside, I have invented this term "X-gene people". You can spot them everywhere, they are active, intelligent, passionate about ideas, open to new ventures, curious about how things work. They are change agents. And they make you wonder: how come they have so much energy to keep going? But what if… all of them have something in common? What if there is a secret gene, an "X" gene, which make them wanting to constantly improve things, change life for better, change World for better eventually.

Why I am doing this?

Inspiration and courage - were the two most googled words in 2013. Don't we all need a little bit or a lot of both? Or haven't we all thought of traveling instead of sitting at an office desk? Aren't we better inspired by real people examples rather than books' or movies' heroes? That's why I am doing this - I will be bringing these real people stories right to your desk computer, and who knows if that inspires you.

Personally, I am excited by the principal of radical openness today's world showcases: phenomenons of TEDx and CouchSurfing are the most vivid examples, which empower you to see the World community in a simple, open, yet intelligent manner.

I feel curious to explore this radical openness, to witness unity with the X-gene people wherever they are, to add up to the insights and tangibility of connections between all of us. To explore this new reality.